Winter hiking and snowshoe hiking around St. Anton

Into the white mountains and away from everything else

Winter hiking on the Arlberg
Winter hiking on the Arlberg

Snowshoes used to be an essential mode of transport. In the meantime they have been overhauled and have become a trend. At the end of the day you can reach totally other places with them in the winter. However, first-class and cleared winter hiking trails also await you around St. Anton.

Winter hiking from St. Anton

There are roughly 70 km of cleared winter hiking trails open to you. Whether it's for an after-dinner walk, an afternoon stroll or as a day trip.

Around St. Anton: 2.5 km around the mountain village

Verwall: The trail leads for 10 km from Mooserkreuz (take the ski bus to the end of the Alte Arlbergstraße) into the Verwall valley up to and around the lake.

Rosanna: Long and very flat beautiful hike along the river for 18 km

To the toboggan hut: Along the old railway track to Nasserein train station. From there you go uphill to the toboggan run for 3.5 km. It's worth doing the downhill run at the end.

There are quite a few other trails awaiting you too:

The St. Anton region in winter
St. Anton in the winter

Snowshoe hike on the Arlberg

There is hardly any other winter activity where you come across such peaceful nature as when snowshoe hiking. Far away from the trails you can stomp through untouched terrain and are surrounded just by the sounds of nature and the crunching of snow. You can hire snowshoes in St. Anton.

Basics and guided tours with an instructor

You can also go on snowshoe hikes with a guide from the Ski School Arlberg. They will show you stunning tours and teach you the basics of this mode of transport in no time at all.

Send us a non-binding enquiry or book online. You can also get specific tips for hiking in the winter from us at the Sporthotel St. Anton. Afterwards you can relax in our small wellness area and look forward to highly praised cooking and perfect steaks in the Steakhouse St. Anton.